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The people behind UA Vision Nordic AB

The company is so much more than just drones, IR sensors, and cameras. In fact, there are a few of us who manage, edit, and create reports. We thought it might be fun to share a bit about who we are...

interviw with

Marcus Aronsson

When Marcus is not working at UA Vision Nordic AB or at the Borås Fire Station, he spends time with his wife Marie and their four children at home in Gnosjö. Marcus has been working as a firefighter for over 20 years and operates drones as well as being a drone pilot instructor, among other roles. In the little time he has left, he trains in various disciplines of triathlon. Running is his strongest discipline. If you start talking about triathlon, you can hardly get him to stop.

Triathlon, huh? How far do you go?
I mostly compete in full and half Ironman races. That involves swimming 3.8km, cycling 180km, and running 42.2km. Half Ironman covers half of those distances.

Wow! How many days does it take?
Ha, ha! Actually, you do them all in succession on the same day. It takes me between 10 and 11 hours.

Incredible! Which discipline is the toughest?

They are challenging in different ways. Swimming is relatively calm as it's the first discipline, and you're fresh. Cycling takes around 5 hours and gets tough towards the end. I always look forward to the running part. It's just a marathon left. The last mile is always demanding, longing for the finish line. I have to say running is the toughest, even though I excel at it.

Enough about triathlon. What makes you happy?

Simple things in life. When my wife is happy, watching my children play, coming home to a clean house, spending time with my friends.

What would you bring to a deserted island?

Without a doubt, a wetsuit, a bike, and running shoes (should I have said my family?).

Where do you prefer to go on vacation? The beach or the mountains?
Oh, a tough question! I like both, but I would have to say the mountains. I love alpine skiing with my family. You can also go to the mountains in the summer. Mountain biking or trail running in Idre Fjäll is fantastic.

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Andreas Eriksson

When Andreas is not on the phone with a customer, spending time with his family, or working at the fire station in Bollebygd where he is the station chief, he's out cycling. Whether it's downhill mountain biking on Bollekollen or riding around Lake Vättern, it doesn't matter. Andreas has been a firefighter for 8 years, with the past few years as a team leader and station chief. When Friday comes, he loads his family into the motorhome and heads to a beach or sinks deep into the couch with a good beer, preferably an IPA.

One more crazy person! How do you manage to cycle over 300 kilometers?
You just keep pedaling, and before you know it, you're at the finish line.

But what about downhill? That's dangerous!
Ah, you have to live a little!

But of course! But tell me, what makes you happy?
When my phone rings laughs. No, but I enjoy seeing people engaged. I like it when people do their best and show interest.

What would you bring to a deserted island?
My wife and my two children...

Where do you prefer to go on vacation? The beach or the mountains?
The mountains, but even more so the French Alps. I love going there, sipping French red wine, and cycling from village to village throughout the entire vacation.

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Peter Orrestrand


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