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Below you will find a selection of our services. Please contact us if you have any specific requests that are not listed below.

We can usually tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Click on the links for detailed descriptions of the services.

Ultrasonic imaging

With an ultrasonic camera, we capture what is inaudible.

Air leaks and certain electrical faults produce sounds that are beyond the range of human hearing.

The ultrasonic microphone detects the sound and marks on the photo the location of the sound source. This way, we can identify the exact location of, for example, an air leak or a ground fault.

Compressed air leaks

Faulty insulator

Partial discharge

Property condition assessment including thermography (weather-permitting)

We perform exterior and interior assessment of your property. With our drones, we can conduct the assessment without the need to physically access your rooftops unless deemed necessary. After the assessment, you will receive a report with a list of recommended actions. We highly recommend an annual status assessment of your property.

Drone photography.

Customized video and/or photography services.

Delivery options include cloud storage, your own hard drive or USB.

We also provide basic editing services.

Outdoor thermography


  • Handheld IR-camera
  • Drone with IR-camera
  • Certified thermographer


  • Electrical thermography for industries or homes
  • Solar panel inspection (visual and IR)
  • Thermography for district heating networks (image below)
  • Power line inspection (image to the right)
  • Thermography for buildings

Thermography is most effective when it is very cold outside. Therefore, we offer thermography services only when we assess that the weather conditions are suitable, typically during the months of October to March.

Indoor thermography


  • Handheld IR cameraCertified thermographer


  • Electrical thermography of your property
  • Thermography of your property
  • Cold drafts and poor insulation

You will receive a detailed report with suggested actions.

RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) calculation and mapping.

Droneflight, mapping, and volume calculation


Fire and Rescue Services

Missing People