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Systematic Fire Protection Work

Systematic Fire Protection Work


According to the Act (2003:778) on Protection against Accidents (LSO), the owner of a building and the operator conducting activities therein bear the ultimate responsibility for their fire protection.

The owner of a building and the operator conducting activities therein must, to a reasonable extent, possess fire extinguishing equipment and rescue equipment for use in case of fire or other accidents, as well as take the necessary measures to prevent fires and to hinder or limit damages caused by fires. This is regulated in Chapter 2, Section 2 of the LSO.

Systematic Fire Protection Work

According to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency's general advice and comments on systematic fire protection work (SRVFS 2004:3), in light of the provisions in Chapter 2, Section 2 of the Act (2003:778) on Protection against Accidents, it is deemed reasonable that systematic fire protection work is conducted and documented for each activity. The documentation of fire protection should be sufficient to ensure maintenance and the implementation of reasonable fire protection measures, both technical and organizational.

According to the general advice, there should be a fire protection manager within the organization with specific responsibility for fire protection and documentation. It is also advisable for the building owner and the operator conducting activities therein to clarify who is responsible for which aspects of fire protection and preferably regulate this through some form of agreement.

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What does the swedish laws say about SBA?

The Act on "Protection against Accidents" (LSO 2003:778)

The Regulation on "Systematic Work Environment Management" (AFS 2001:01)