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Course in Hot Work

The Authorized Training in Hot Work® has been established since 1990 and provides the knowledge and authorization for those who issue permits for, perform, or act as fire guards during various types of hot work involving flammable materials. Even those who are responsible for ordering hot work can benefit from this training. The training concludes with a digital certification test. Upon successful completion, participants receive a Hot Work® certificate issued by the Swedish Fire Protection Association, granting them authorization to perform hot work involving flammable materials.

About Hot Work

The training program has been developed by and follows the curriculum of the Training Committee for Hot Work (UHKAs). During the course, participants will learn:

  • Safety regulations for Hot Work®
  • Fire safety knowledge
  • Risk assessment using the 3M method (method, material, environment)
  • Conducting a fire extinguishing exercise (except for distance learning)
  • Laws and insurance conditions governing hot work involving flammable materials at temporary workplaces.
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