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Electric Thermography

Electrical Thermography

Electrical thermography is an effective energy and cost-saving method where thermal imaging is used to identify potential risk areas. In some countries, electrical thermography is even mandated by law and required by insurance companies to prevent accidents. With the measurement results in hand, we provide you with concrete suggestions for actions that should or must be taken.

About the electrical thermography service

When UA Vision performs thermography, we identify electrical leaks. Electrical leaks do not fix themselves, but rather tend to worsen rapidly. A common issue is fuses "carbonizing" at the bottom, creating small arcs of light that cause the system to consume more electricity than intended. It can also be aging motor protection in fans that do not trip and stop ventilation systems, or loose cable connections causing interruptions or, worse, sparks leading to fires.

After completing the thermography, we provide a report. The report summarizes the current state, immediate actions, and recommendations for the coming year. The report includes text and images of everything covered in the electrical thermography.

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