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Property assessment including thermography.

Property Assesment

A status assessment of a property provides a comprehensive overview of the actual condition of the building, from roof to foundation. The main purpose of the assessment is to provide a solid foundation for the maintenance plan for the upcoming years, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

How often is a status assessment of the property needed?

We recommend ordering an annual status assessment of the property. We will contact you when it's time and visit your property once a year.

    status assessment of properties

    When UA Vision performs an annual status assessment of your property, we conduct a visual inspection using video and infrared (IR) technology. We examine the external building components, such as the roof, facades, windows, and metalwork, among others. Using our drones, we fly over the roofs to inspect ventilation vents, fire dampers, and roof drainage.

    After the property has been inspected, we prepare a report. The report summarizes the current condition of the building, highlights immediate actions, and provides recommendations for the upcoming year. The report includes text and images documenting all aspects covered in the property inspection.

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