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We have joined the incubator Founders loft.

We are proud members of Founders Loft, an incubator for tech startups that has played a crucial role in helping us realize our innovations.

Through Founders Loft, we have received valuable support and guidance throughout the process, including being verified by Almi. They have provided us with an inspiring and collaborative workspace where we have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other tech startups. Membership has also granted us access to their extensive network of national and international partners, opening doors to exciting collaboration opportunities.

One of the most valuable aspects of Founders Loft is their strong community. We have had the privilege to participate in inspiring lectures and events that have enriched our knowledge and strengthened our network. Additionally, we have had the opportunity to engage in CEO networking sessions and after-work events, which have been excellent occasions for connecting and exchanging experiences with fellow entrepreneurs.

The most significant support we have received from Founders Loft is their coaching program. We have been assigned a dedicated coach who has helped us grow and develop our company. Furthermore, we have gained access to a comprehensive pool of external experts, coaches, and mentors who have shared their knowledge and experience to assist us in reaching our goals.

We are grateful for the support and opportunities provided by Founders Loft, and we highly recommend visiting their website at to learn more about their work and how they can help drive innovation and growth for tech startups.

Today UAV stands steady with our different fields of work and they are all a part of financing our vision: Creating sustainable solutions for life on earth, in space and beyond.

What we do

The company

Our company name: UA Vision Nordic AB (shorts to UAV) reflects what we do and what we want to achieve for our customers and our company.  

In swedish: UA means ”Utan Anmärkning” and it translates to ”no remarks”. And thats what we want to achive for you. A safe place to live and work, no matter where your business or life might be. 

UAV stands steady on four legs. Droneworks, education, inspections, documentation from field tests. These fields of expertise are a part of financing our vision. Today we are developing safety solutions for public safety, first responders, police and soldiers. With the help of Founders Loft we hope to start developing our idea for first responders all over the world. 

As today UAV is a natural part of security work for your business. Through observation from different sensors we provide security for a safe place to live and work, no matter if your business or life is on earth, in space or beyond that.

The team

Marcus: Is an idea generator, problem solver and entrepreneur. Very curious  about people, technology, computers and space. Has worked with emergency rescue services for almost 25 years, both as a firefighter and commander. Flying and educating in drone flying, both civilly and within the rescue service. Free time is devoted to wife and four children, also has time for a little triathlon at Ironman distance.

Andreas: Is an entrepreneur, contractor, property owner, excavator operator, consultant, pilot, drone pilot,  part time firefighter and commander.

Andreas thrives in speed and movement, when there is a lot going on and the decision paths are short, Andreas thrives best. Andreas loves to create business through long-term relationships and manages to find ways through the execution jungle and is not afraid of a challenge. Free time is spent with family and cycling, preferably in the French mountains.


Is the third entrepreneur  in the team, technical consultant in ventilation, as well as medical equipment. Peter previously worked as a firefighter and part-time commander, at the same time he trained emergency personnel in operational work. He is good at creating customized training programs that are scalable to large organizations and long-term customer relationships. Free time is devoted to the family's various activities, which also include football coaches. The time that is left, he likes to bike around Lake Vättern, or biking a mountain  in Italy.

Our project


Climate poses new challenges for, among others, first responders, causing more severe forest fires, landslides and floods. Creating an even more hazardous environment and situations for people and first responders. We aim to reduce risks, create a better working environment  and create better decision making tools for first responders.


Company management and rescue leaders need accurate information for decision making both when on site and off site. Today there are numerous different tools not adapted for the harsh environment of a rescue operation. All those different systems put great demands on the staff to learn and navigate through different systems to provide correct data for the decision makers. 


With our system and hardware, we intend to assist and improve security for the operational personnel and faster and more accurate start-up and decision making at operations.

With combined technical solutions, innovative ideas and programming, we can move the boundaries of what is possible for local first responders, authorities, military defense and space explorers and researchers

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